Will this support Dual Screens?

Hello Everyone.

I am looking into buying the following graphics card:


Could somebody please let me know if this graphics card will support 2 monitors when added to my computer?


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  1. It probably will but you might have to get a DVI dual link splitter.
  2. im sure it can, you just might have to plug a monitor into the DVI port and into the VGA port. i mean the Intergrated graphics on a budget AMD 880 board can support dual graphics. i know the biostar 760g board supports dual display/
  3. http://www.ncix.com/products/?sku=60742&vpn=11190-02-20G&manufacture=SAPPHIRE

    I recommend the above card (Canadian link shown).

    It should support two screens using any combination. Here's my recommendation if you use flat screens (no CRT):

    Screen #1: DVI to DVI cable
    Screen #2: HDMI to DVI cable

    HDMI output:
    This can support certain audio codecs and is designed mainly for movies. Pretty useless IMO. The HDMI->DVI cable just passes the video anyway.
  4. Any card you find these days will support at least two monitors, some will support more. You may have to get creative with adapters and cable selection but it will work with 2 screens easily.
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