Do i have to break in my mtx termanator tne121d subwoofers

i bought the mtx termanator tne212d seald box the first question is do i have to break in the subs first the second question is the amp that i have is a kenwood kac 8105d mono block amp is that a good amp to us with the new mtx
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  1. I suggest you break the subs in. I've seen broken in to non broken in and there is a difference in sound quality, I never really heard much db difference or measured it though. I haven't used that amp before but it should put out more than enough power. Do not turn the gain all the way up as those subs might not be able to handle that amps full power.
  2. You need to do a slow break in to achieve best output of these subwoofers. They are very large and roughly 40 ~ 100 hours break in should give you that fear driven thumping experience.
    The gain on an amplifier should not be confused with the rms/ overall power the amplifier can deliver. All the gain does is match the output impedance of your source ( i.e. imperdance at your deck's / preamp's RCA output) to the input impedance of your amp (RCA input of the amp). When its properly matched, you will find as you turn your volume control up, the amplifier increases the power output to the speaker proportionally....hence the "gain" is matched. You cannot make the amplifier give out more power with higher gain..all you do is make the amplifier jump faster than the volume intended. Sounds great....until you start introducing electronic noise at the amp (as it got very quickly into it's "noise" range ) and the speaker plays something it wasn't supposed to. play
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