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Decide to keep WINDOWS 8 (NEW PREVIEW.
I have two printers ( Canon )
Plugged the first one in 6600 (able to print)
Second printer Canon MF 8050 nothing came up talked to Canon unable to connect is there anything that window 8 can do to recognize the printer?
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    Don't know anything about windows 8 ....but did you select the canon printer as the defaule printer before trying to print?
  2. Hi
    The Canon printer mf 8050 didnot come up to select?
  3. Try the advance printer setup, again, I am just googling this stuff. Latest drivers I saw were 2010 but supported win 7 at that time and microsoft states that they are similar (7 and8)

    Is this your printer

  4. Thank for all the advice. Talked with Canon tech and he said it was not available for 8. Just for kicks I reinstalled the cd and it accepted the software.
    In the End my printer is now working.
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