Hercules Prophetview 920dvi?

I plan on getting the Hercules Prophetview 920dvi 17"
just wondering if anybody has one and if so usable for gaming though I play games like Morrowind and Red Alert 2
I occasionly play UT2003. Will I notice any significant "ghosting" etc.
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  1. Actually I just found the article at THG and it appears to be one of the better ones.

    So my question now is what is the difference between the 920 and the 920dvi?
    Put simply does dvi increase performance?
  2. You will get a slightly sharper piccy in DVI..but not that much better imo.

    The Hercules monitor is a little old now..with only a 25-30ms response rate...
    you need to buy a LCD with at least a 16ms response rate or ask around which 25ms are good.

    Ive heard that most people feel that the certain models that samsung do are very good for 25ms.
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