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Hello guys,
currently I have a home wireless network with the Linksys wireless G broadband router. My desktop PC is wired to the router (not using wireless) with a usb network card. Everything works fine, internet access and all.

But the problem is my laptop. I configured it to use wireless networking with the router, and after some tinkling around, I managed to get it to work. However, after it was taken to school and connected to the school's network, the laptop could not use my home's internet anymore.

The laptop uses this Intel 2200 built in network transmitter or something to connect to wireless networks. There should not be a problem with this built in wireless network card since it continues to be able to connect to the school's wireless network. Furthermore, the laptop can detect and connect to my home's network, no problem at all. Excellent signal strength and everything.

But somehow, it just refuses to connect to the internet. It does not seem to detect a connection and keep asking me to connect to a dialup connection I had setup for use somewhere else. Any ideas please?
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  1. I'm sure the people at school configured it also to make it work with their wireless?

    They probably set up a secure wireless network and didn't setup an unsecure one for use at home.
    OR if you did have it secured (since you posted the question, I'm assuming (yes, bad to assume) you don't have security at home.

    Walk through the wizard with the intel software or with Windows (if it's XP) and setup a generic, or unsecure, wireless mode.
  2. To troubleshoot more effectively I have a couple of questions:
    - What operating systems and version are you using?
    - What model Linksys? - the menus are somewhat different
    - What browser do you use IE or a Mozilla varient? So I can ask what some settings might be
  3. Sounds like your school has setup WEP or WPA. If your using XP double click the WLAN network icon. You should be sending packets but not receiving any.
  4. Well to see if encryption is enabled is easy enough. From your post ist sounded like you brought it to school and connected. WEP and/or WPA do not set themselves up, so did you have the school do any staging or did they insist on adding any features to your laptop?
    Many dynamic environments, like college campuses, specifically don't employ encryption because of the key (passphrase) management nightmare that it causes (unless they use PKI, PKM) and the support cost that it adds. They are accepting the risks to offset additional cost. That may not be the case for your school but you can probably tell us that.
  5. thx for the reply. Both my desktop and laptop are using windows xp sp1, internet explorer 6. As for the router, I am using the WRT54G I think.

    And yes, my school does not have WEP or data encryption enabled. So is it the WEP in my home network causing the problem? I have tried disabling it but the problem persists
  6. Got a couple of questions for you:

    1. Before connecting to the WLAN at school, were any changes on the laptop made by you or someone else?
    2. While attempting to restore your wireless Internet connection at home (on the laptop), did you or anyone make any changes to the laptop's settings?

    We need to know this so that we can see what changes must be redone.

    My thinking is that if any changes in the settings were made, it might have been with DHCP or static IP addressing. Also, you should check to see if IE has been set to use a proxy. If so, this should be disabled.
  7. I had essentially the same problem just recently. I had been able to work just fine at home on my WEP enabled wireless network, and then took my laptop to school and connected to the wireless (non-WEP) network there. Everything was working great. Came home and I could no longer access the internet. I was able to obtain an IP address and ping various other boxes on my network, but no internet. A search on Linksys' site fixed me, and I think you may want to try it out yourself.


    Hope it helps; it did for me.

  8. You'll never hear me complain about Linksys's support and documentation...

    Kind of an odd fix considering those options are rarely ever touched.. but if it works, it works.
  9. I was thinking the same thing when I saw the proposed solution on their site. I made sure to write down the current settings before making any changes though.

  10. was this problem ever resolved? I would like to know the answer since i'll be using wireless soon.

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  11. Your problem is that you're using SP1. Get SP2 and there's a much better chance it'll work out. SP1 has massive problems with wireless connectivity, especially if you're using WEP encryption.

    umheint0's phat setup --> <A HREF="http://home.cc.umanitoba.ca/~umheint0/system.html" target="_new">http://home.cc.umanitoba.ca/~umheint0/system.html</A><--
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