New computer - Keeps crashing. Advice plz

Hey all,

I just bought a computer off of cyberpowerpc (was hesitant, but had two friends who received working computers). When I first got it, it kept crashing from memory_management. I ran memtest on each stick of RAM and got an error so I'm waiting for the new RAM. Right now I'm borrowing some RAM from my roommate. I still had the computer crash on me the other day though. I'm posting a picture of the crash reports with my computer specs.

I'm not a pc pro, but some other things I've noted:
- ran sfc/scannow: results said there were errors and couldn't fix all of them
- ran chkdsk: results said there were errors. I was afraid to run in repair mode because I wasn't sure what it would do
- in device manager I have an error for "PCI simple Communications Controller" under "other devices". I'm guessing this is for the installed wireless adapter

Any opinions or advice would be greatly appreciated. I just want to get this computer to have no errors.

Thank you
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  1. maybe you got a virus. if you get a blue screen or shut-down soon after turning it on, check that the cpu cooler was installed properly, sometimes people forget to plug it in. I never ordered a computer from that website, so I can't personally tell you if they're reliable and if you just got malware.
  2. Hello,
    "- in device manager I have an error for "PCI simple Communications Controller" under "other devices""
    for this error you have to download intel update utility as you are missing some driver

    from the chkdsk it sounds like you have a faulty hard drive
  3. If you ordered a prebuilt system and it won't even stay turned on, I would just RMA the entire thing. Isn't that the purpose of ordering prebuilt vs. building your own? I personally prefer to build, but for those who are trying to save time, any issues with a prebuilt system should be an insta-RMA.
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