Drivers! Drivers everywhere! Which would I use? (Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe)

This is a little embarrassing, but I am fairly heavily confused about my motherboard's drivers.

BTW, the OS is Windows 7 64bit.

I was looking at this page here:

Ok, so the chipset drivers are obvious, as well as the first thing I would install (well, after flashing the bios to the latest version that is).

However, then there is that Intel(R) Management Engine Interface. I tried Googling it, and in all honesty, I have no idea what it is other than some vague idea bout it being some kind of remote access that appears as a driver error in device manager if you don't install it. What I want to know is, if this a separate install from the chipset, or would the chipset drivers install this as well?

Likewise, the other hardware drivers like the Integrated Video, Audio, etc drivers.... are these also part of the chipset package and thus I have no need to install them separately, or would I still need to install them separate from the chipset driver package?

Another thing that confuses me is the "Firmware" section, it appears to contain an app to install updater rather than an actual bios or firmware file? Is this some kind of automated BIOS updating tool or is it an actual firmware update itself? I am not very clear on that.

And then finally, there is the hardware like LAN, USB, or Wireless, amongst others. What confuses me about this one is the fact that they seem to have drivers for different vendors (Intel, Asus, Realtek, etc) for the same device. I am used to seeing this for laptops since the same model might have a different sound, wifi, trackpad etc in them, but wouldn't all motherboards of the same model have the same set of manufacturer's components in them? Pretty confused which one of these (if any, again, that chipset package) I would be installing for this motherboard.

Can anyone help clear some of this up?
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