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Hello, So im stuck with what 1155 motherboard to get, the GA-Z77X-UD5H or GA-Z77X-UP5 TH. Also do i need thunderbolt? what is it good for ? it seems pointless ? what boards are better than the UD5h , but still within price range.
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  1. The Gigabyte boards are definitely some of the best out there.

    The main differences between the boards are Dual NIC's and Thunderbolt.

    Thunderbolt is just a high speed interface, similar to USB, but quite a bit faster. It can be used to drive monitors, to hook an extra GPU up, or to chain multiple HDD's together. In the personal computing world, there are very few situations that can really take advantage of it at this time, so it isn't something that you really need to worry about unless you already have thunderbolt peripherals that you wanted to use.

    On the other hand Dual NIC's aren't generally that useful, but if you want to use VM's or dedicate separate controllers to different apps it can be handy to have.
  2. oh i understand, i will be editing movies and watching high definition movies :P whats the best board? UD5H? anything better within price range? ill get the ud5h
  3. Personally I would stick with the UD5H.

    Comparably priced Asus boards are not as well built, and I am not a big fan of MSI.
  4. I love my Asus, don't know what makes you think they are not well built...
  5. Asus is a great brand, but some of their "budget" oriented boards tend to be a little lacking on features. The ROG's are almost impossible to beat though.
  6. Msi boards...I see people in their builds, they always say that one thing. I wish i didnt choose this motherboard. Is the ud5h best for around the price rand of £180?
  7. Also guys im selling an ASUS REPUBLIC OF GAMERS MOBO for cheap, i need some funds, anyone interested.
  8. anyone ?
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