Im pretty sure about this, but it never hurts to check.........
i7 extreme(3960x and 3970x) are compatible with corsair dominator platinum(32 gb 2133mhz)? The only issue I see is the voltage recommendation, but thats not a "real" problem. Other than that, it should be fine yes?
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  1. Hi, What motherboard will you use?
  2. rIVe
  3. Then I would choose from this list:
    As you can see, for 32GB, only 1866 or 1600 MHz, 1.5V kits listed.
  4. I know that the voltage is high, but I want to make sure it still works. I already have the ram and I'd rather not return it since I think it looks good in my case.
    What would be the drawback if I simply kept the dominator platinums? would it not work? would it just run at 1866? would it just run at a slower 2133? would it damage the board?

    The whole rig is way oc'd if that makes a difference. The cpu is running at 5.1-5.2. The dominator platinum was supposed to replace my old ram.
  5. RESULT- "The ram will work fine at 1.65 volts on the x79 motherboards especially the rIVe."
    This is for any others who had the same question as myself.
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