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Core2Quad q8400 overheating ?

I'd like to thank anyone who attempts to help in advance.
Now the issue is that i recently purchased a Core 2 Quad Q8400 And i've been monitoring the temp using Core Temp 1.0 .. during games like Grand Theft Auto 4 and The witcher 2 - for example - the temp reached 86 Degrees At the moment room temperature's around 20 .. and the idle - only Google Chrome is running- core temp is reading between 39-41 on all 4 cores. My question is .. is that normal or is something wrong ?

Specs are
Core2Quad Q8400
ATI 5770 1GB
2 Kingston x2GB Rams total 4
1 500GB HDD Western Digital Blue Caviar
1 320 HDD Western Digital
Asus P5k Mainboard

Again, thanks in advance.
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  1. are you using the stock cooler?

    and are you overclocking it?
  2. Yes, using the stock Intel Cooler for the lack of a better option - living in southern Egypt, no access to anything better -
    and no .. didn't overclock it at all
  3. Get a better heatsink and you will see dramatic improvement
  4. Thats one of the issues Seumas .. i cant . The only thing i can find is worse heatsinks/coolers in general and if i buy it off of ebay or just buy it online i'll end up paying 6x the price on customs so is there anything i can do ? is that temp normal at all for the stock heatsink/cooler ? or is it still too much ?
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    Probably not mounted on properly :P
  6. i'll recheck the mount again and let you know :)
  7. clean out the case the fans and the heatsync as for finding a cooler. egypt does have some hardware shops after all you must have gotten your pc from somewhere... so look about even if you have to shop online its well worth the effort...
    you dont need anything fancy just a tower cooler with 4 heatpipes almost any brand will do as long as you pair it with a decent high cpm (more than 50, preferably 75cfm) fan.

    the problem im having is actually finding a page i can view as Egyptian censorship is taking the mikky...

    but i do find a lot of sites that sell pc hardware.
  8. Thank you all for the reponses, @Muffin, apparently the moron who installed the processor [ Me ] made a noobie mistake and yeah it actually wasn't mounted properly, it was a liiiitle bit loose and by little bit i mean a few mellimeters but they were enough to cause that heat issue, i tested it again after applying a new thermal cooler [ a bit more expensive than the usual] and mounted the heatsink and cooler and .. it maxed out at 57 degrees while that specific game would come up to 86 so .. thank you very much.
    @ HEXiT thank you for taking the time to look, i appreciate it. but tell you something , i scoured all the big computer shops in Egypt in my town and in Cairo a few months back for the processor i have now and boy did i find absolutely nothing. apparently the favoured processors here have a big gap . You go from Dual Core Intel Proccessors, straight to I3's 7's and 5's, finding a core 2 Duo for example is near impossible, a core2quad was impossible. i actually had a friend that bought it for me from the UK .. same thing with my GFX Card i had it imported and another friend brought it in their luggage cause otherwise, i would've paid double the price on customs, i went out today and asked around for a better cooler than the stock one i have i found one for about 15 USD and i'm kind of cynical about it since its too cheap compared to other things i'd find online its some kind of a 2B Cooler. as in for the towers, the best one around here has basically none of the features above. since the highest it gets is $20 so you can understand my frustration when i tell ya, this country needs a massive computer mall >.> eitherway .. thank you all very much for the responses and taking the time to help.
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