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Hi everyone,

So, I don't know if it got worst or if I just started to notice it recently but I'm starting to get seriously annoyed by the amount of color banding I am getting.

I am running Windows 7 on a Radeon Pro 6870 and my monitors are a Dell ST2210 (main) and a Dell 2007WFP (secondary). I tried playing around with the settings on the monitors and in the AMD drivers but I still can't get any good results. This is particularly easy to notice in games but I can see it too with videos and even my wallpaper! It's really weird, sometimes it almost feel like I'm running in 16bits colors instead of 32bits. I just started playing Dead Island tonight and it's absolutly terrible!

So, is there any way to reduce that or even fix that?

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  1. try cleaning the driver using driver sweeper under safemode(google it), and installing latest ones.

    Try different outputs on your card.

    And make sure everything color related on CCC is set to default. If possible try a different monitor to see if that's not the problem.

    Could you post a screenshot of the problem?
  2. Thanks for the reply. I'll try to clean my drivers.

    I upload a couple of screenshots from Dead Island (with an amazing highlighting job in paint lol). I'm sure that some of that is due to bad texture quality or video compression (especially for the main menu one) but still it's really ugly.

  3. oh and uninstall the drivers from add/remove programs before doing the driver sweeper thing
  4. I tried the driver sweep but it didn't change anything. Same for another monitor and different inputs...

    Running out of ideas now.
  5. the card might be defective, not much to do really, RMA or return it.
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