Which cpu should i get

I have been looking at some cpus and can not decide which one to get. These are some of the ones i have been looking at.

Intel Core i5-2300 I was thinking of just upgrading to the Intel Core i5-2400 because for 5 bucks you get a better cpu
Intel Core i5-2400
Intel Core i5-2500 maybe k version I was looking at this artical,3120-10.html and saw that is wasn't to much better that i5 2400 overclocked to 4.0ghz
I was also thinking about the
Intel Core i3-2100 or 2120

So i you could tell me what you think that would be great i will mostly doing medium-light gaming and also some server hosting for me one other freind of mine on terraria and minecraft
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  1. the gamers choice is the 2500k with a decent aftermarket cooler

    nearly all of them will overclock to the 4.5ghz area--some even higher
  2. are you sure it will be that much better for the price and you would have to get an after-market cpu cooler.
  3. well in the uk the 2500k is only £8 dearer than a 2400 and £20 for a hyper 212+ cooler

    about $45 us

    to me its a no brainer to get that and overclock it to 4.5ghz or so

    no doubt some other opinions will get posted to help you decide
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    2500k is a good choice. It's got great potential to overclock with a 30$ CPU cooler like a CM hyper 212+. It out performs pretty much all AMD CPUs in gaming. I currently am using AMD and it's started to bottleneck my GPU in BF3. I'm actually switching to intel once I get the money for a new motherboard. The one thing AMD did great with their new line of FX processors is the multi-threading. So maybe later on in the year we will see more programs using multi-threading, and then maybe the FX series can outperform or perform the same as Intel. Also, the 1100t/1090t are sometimes on par with the 2500k (which is only a quad core processor), but ever since the failure of the FX series processors, the 1100t and the 1090t (they're the same thing except 1100t is clocked 100mhz faster) are now sold out so that's why I'm looking to get the 2500k.

    As for the server hosting, you could use a 70$ CPU to run it with no hiccups with that low amount of people. It's got a lot to do with your RAM.
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