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Dell inspiron 560 PSU upgrade HELP

i'm looking to upgrade my inspiron 560's PSU from 300W so i can run a AMD 6770 i bought. i've searched a bunch of different posts but couldn't find what i need, most say the 6770 requires 450W minimum but it would take more than that for the other stuff to run. does anyone know a good 550-600W that would fit my PC? or if it's even possible to use that much with this pc
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  1. You could try one of the highest rated 500-600w power supplies on newegg:

    It's also the same color as the original PSU in your Dell ATM if that matters to you =D. It's a good idea to get a little over the recommended wattage of a video card because it gives you head space for upgrades you might want down the road. The PSU I linked isn't the best on the market by far, but it's inexpensive, and it also has an 80 plus certification for efficiency, although now there are higher 80 plus such as 80 plus gold and platinum but when looking for a cheap simple PSU upgrade this should work fine. Read the reviews of the product to be sure it's what you need.

    And one other thing, whenever you get the money to do so, I highly recommend you build your own rig. People probably tell you this all the time. But it's because pre-made computers are way over priced(especially HP, Dell, and other major brands) for the performance you get. All to often they claim to be great, and then less than tech savvy people who want a gaming PC get one of them and realize it wasn't such a great buy. It's the integrated graphics that is the problem gamer's have with them, other than the price.

    One last thing, (this is a little off topic) a brand like "Alienware" do in fact have good gaming computers, but they are even more over priced than a Dell or HP.

    The more you know!

    Happy upgrading!
  2. thanks for the tips i'll check it out
  3. any other suggestions would be great too, trying to look at a few and see which one works best for my pc.
  4. When is says it needs a 450w psu it doesnt meen that it uses that much. The 6770 under load will use a max of about 250w. Saying this, i would still recommend you get a 500-600w one as the 5770 says it needs 450w but only actually uses about half of what a 6770 does.
  5. there's a few PSU that i've looked at, a 550 with all the right plugs..

    this one...but i wasn't too sure if it would fit into place

    not sure if that's a good brand from what i read it's ok
  6. the one you posted should work fine? just making sure i don't blow up my pc lol
    i will probably end up buying that one
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    Hold your horses - save $20 or so. These will both fit and will both run your system very well. Get the 500w one if you want to upgrade to a high-wattage single GPU in the future. It works great in my Inspiron.
  8. 1. It's a Dell won't be any cpu overclocking
    2. Not a very powerful card, doesn't need the reccomended 450w ( which is a power reccomendation for the entire system with the card, not just the card )
    3. It's a Dell mATX case, pita for cable management

    beat by the jesster :ouch:
  9. Also those suggested PSUs on Amazon would be blowing hot air back into a poorly-ventilated case. I think I killed my hard drive by overheating my case (with an HD 4890). Whatever you get, make sure the fan blows out the back.

    Haha, Delluser. And I've got my cables curled up in my second 5.25" bay.
  10. @jesster the 500 is good...that should have all the cables for my PC? inspiron 560
  11. juniorvasquez87 said:
    @jesster the 500 is good...that should have all the cables for my PC? inspiron 560

    Yep. And more.
  12. haha at least they have alot of room for the cables in the case
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  14. jessterman21 said:

    Haha, Delluser. And I've got my cables curled up in my second 5.25" bay.

    That's really all there is for cable management, I usually drop the OD to the lower bay and use the top for cable's.
    It's easier with the EA due to the lack of sleeving.
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