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What is the best Intel CPU I can buy for a gaming PC within the $200 dollar range and will fit a LGA 1155 socket type?
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    Core i5-2500K or 2500 if you won't do any overclocking. 2500K is $220 but $20 extra isn't much for a great processor .
  2. Can the i5-2500k not handle any overclocking? Not even with a fan?
  3. the 2500k can overclock but the processors without the k only have very limited OC.

    best cpu below 200 would be just any of the i5s you can afford but generally the 2500k is good because of the ability to OC.
  4. How many Ghz do you think it can be OC'ed to?
  5. Sorry. I guess I didn't make myself clear.

    You can get to 4.5GHz on it quite easy though.
  6. Thats perfect thanks very much.
  7. If you have a Microcenter nearby, you can get the 2500k for $180.
  8. With 50 dollars off of a mobo^^
    Anyways you need to get a good cooler before overclocking. With the stock one you will be killing your 2500k. I suggest the cooler master hyper 212+
  9. ^good advice. never overclock seriously with a stock cooler
  10. AndrewK1 said:
    ^good advice. never overclock seriously with a stock cooler

    Never overclock AT ALL with the stock cooler, unless it is one that is good.
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