Best motherboard for my gaming rig.

Hello, I'm building a computer for the first time and I'm not so sure which motherboard i should get. People told me that i should get an Intel Motherboard with a Z68 chipset along with 2x16 slots for SLi, however whenever i look at motherboards that my friends tell me are "good"... They always have bad reviews (mainly concerning the BIOS)

All i want to know is which motherboard is the absolute best for my rig. (Its a gaming rig)

GPU: 2 Galaxy GTX 580
CPU: Intel Core i7-2600K
Hard Drive: 1 TB
Power Supply: Not sure which I'm getting yet, but I'm probably gonna get a 1300 watt Power Supply
and the case is a thermaltake lvl 10 gt snow edition

As far as ram goes, I'm undecided and open to opinions.
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  1. oky man do you want only mobo than go for asus p8z68 v pro gen3 it has pci-e 3.0 and it is good and also have 2x16 slot for sli and also it is speacially designed for overclocking
  2. Thanks! Know a good place/guide to learn about overclocking motherboards? :whistle:
  3. in my opinion asus or asrock z68 extreme4 are good for overclocking but overclocking generally depend on coolers like noctua h14 or hyper 212 evo but noctua can do better.
    Ram pick out g.skill ripjaws x series 8gb ddr3 1600mhz still on the top.
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    try a p8z68 v deluxe if you need it.
    For the RAM try the ones pro gamer recommended
    or go for some higher speed ones
    make sure your mobo is compatible with the RAM
    check the Manufacturers sit
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