Buy now or wait till the new year?

i'm itching to get a new computer for gaming and got the wifes nod for the go ahead. trying to keep it around or under $1000 for a pre-built from for something with an i5-2500k and a gtx 560TI. what i have picked out goes over a bit.

so i was figuring wait untill black friday/cyber monday and hopefully get a deal.
while researching what to get, i saw some things about intel's ivy bridge cpu and nvida 600 series cards comming out early 2012.

would i be getting off cheaper waiting for black friday? or wait 2-3 months for the next gen of cpus and cards to lower prices of the i5-2500k and gxt 560TI?
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  1. the choice to wait or not is a never ending debate. at this point for your price range i would say build your pc now (maybe wait till blackfriday if you want). prices arent likely to drop dramatically in the near future
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