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So I fixed my problem with my computer but my question is why?

Every week or so my computer will not boot up so I go in and take out that watch battery connected to the motherboard and reset it and then my computer boots up.

Today, it did the same thing except that my computer did not book after resetting the battery. So I did some research and found that I might have to reset the cmos jumper. I tried it and it worked. My question is why do I have to do this? Is this a precursor to worse things to come?
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  1. Is the battery old? Is it time to change it?
  2. yeah thats what I was maybe came with the computer about 5 years ago. Could it be something else? I just really hope its not my motherboard dieing.
  3. Pick up a new coin battery of the correct size at Wally World or someplace. Cheapest way to test if that's the problem.

    The battery charge holds the BIOS settings in CMOS. If it is weak, the settings can change. Just one bit changing can cause the system to not boot. Resetting the jumper or 'resetting' the battery will force the CMOS settings back to default. That will allow a boot. If the battery is weak, those settings will eventually change. Then, no boot next time.
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