Snipers with Ripjaws?

Hello good people at Tom's. I'm not sure if this was already asked previously, I apologize if it was. My question is this... I ordered 2x4gb DDR3 1600 RipjawsX just the other week & now Newegg seems to have an awesome deal on the ASRock Extreme4 MOBO which includes 2x4gb DDR3 1600 Sniper RAM. Would these 2 kinds be able to work with eachother? Or would something like that end up destroying the Mobo? Like if I had the Ripjaws in slots 1&3, and the Snipers in 2&4. I'm kinda guessing it would work seeing as they're more or less the same exact kind of RAM, but that's why I'm asking you folks here at Tom's for I'm sure you all know a lot more than me.

Thanks in advance! :??:
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    as long as your not mixing voltate it shouldnt kill the mobo.

    do the 2 kits have the same CAS, Speed and voltage?

    quick look seems like the Sniper ram is Low Voltage ram and runs at 1.25v which may cause issues.
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  3. Ah yes, the Sniper does differ a little bit. Speed times are different, RipjawsX are 8-8-8-24 & the Sniper 9-9-9-24. Voltages are the same though.

    Okay well that's good enough for me! I'll stick with the RipjawsX :D
    Thanks for the reply.
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