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Hey guys!

I was just wondering- what the HECK makes a $100 difference on these two boards?

I really want a good board for my new i7 3770k and I really cant decide whether I should go all out or stay cheaper.

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  1. Maybe this:,
    an extra PCIe 3.0 slot, a Supreme FX iii audio controller, a DisplayPort a.s.o.
  2. its really all that matters to you. They both basically do the same functions but one of them has more inputs. I personally like ASUS much better. I have not had that much experience with MSI boards but I bet that its fine. They both have the same chipset so there will be difference in that. I would personally go according tho the reviews and which seems the best to you.
  3. ASUS would be a better go. They have more quality motherboards. MSI have very, very good GPUs, with very, very good cooling on them.
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