Antec 900 Case Fan Question

I am building a computer for my friend and I am stumed on where to plug in my case fans. The fans connectors are not molex so I can't plug them into the power supply. Help
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  1. Hi :)

    Either the motherboard or get some molex fan converters....

    All the best Brett :)
  2. there should be some headers on the motherboard. if they're all used, you will need to look for a fan bus, or a molex (4-pin) to 3-pin adapter.
  3. bliq said:
    there should be some headers on the motherboard. if they're all used, you will need to look for a fan bus, or a molex (4-pin) to 3-pin adapter.

    nvm I ordered a 3 of these

    also I was one short of a sata so i ordered this

    thanks for the help!
  4. Look at the motherboard manual. It will show chassis and CPU fan connectors on the MB. They are 3 male pins. How many you have depends on the MB model.
  5. The Antec 900 case fans include molex connectors.
    Download the manual = clearly there.
    The rear fan and top fan use one molex - near the rear at the top of the case,
    The hdd cages have molex.
  6. Antec fans are designed to plug into the PSU molex connectors. I know. I have three Antec 900's.

    If you look at your fan connectors, one side is a male molex, the other side female. I plugged the top and rear fans together and fed them from one PSU molex connector. Did the same with the two front fans.

    Two of my systems are highly overclocked quads. With all of the fans set to Low, my load temps are below 70 C.
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    Antec 900 Case Fan Question
  8. I also have the Atec 900 but i could never understand how anyone can stand the noise those three 120mm fans make if you care to cut your noise to over half and still keep the performance replace them with Antec's new true Quiet pro fans...the noise is like day & night its nice to have a watercooled computer which hardly makes any noise...Your fans noise level are up around 30 dba at high & these new fans at high are 18 dba and low 10 dba so what a difference in noise level..
  9. I too just bought an Antec 900 case and am stumped with the fans. They are the 3 pin female connectors like in the picture posted by the op, my motherboard which is the asus m5a97 only has 4 pin headers. would i also need to buy the molex adapters to get it to work correctly ?
  10. What i choose to do with my replacement Fans they can with an adapters 3 pin to 4 header..I read its better to go with the 4 pin and use a cord coming from you power supply...if you havnt bought your fans yeat consider using the Antec true quiet pro 120mm fan and it comes with the adapter you need plus it has a high & low speed switch which 90% of the fans out there dont have plus there super is a Youtube link
  11. I forgot to can pick up the antec true quiet pro fans at or for $19.00 bucks each & are in stock.
  12. i was just going to use the default fans that came with the case for a while at least as im on a tight budget.
  13. Good call...But youll notice those default fans are loud each fan gives off 32db and myself they drove me nuts..Anyway good luck with your build
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