FSP BOOSTER to graphics card: question on color coded wires

I am in the middle of installing a FSP Booster supplementary power supply into my Mac Pro to run a Nvidia GTX580.

The FSP has four color coded wires:

Two Red wires - one with 6 pin PCI, and oner with 8 pin PCI.

Two Blue wires, one with 6 pin PCI, and one with 8 pin PCI.

GTX 580 needs two 6 Pin connectors from power supply.

Is it ok to attach one 6 pin from the blue wire and the other six pin from the red wired to the card?

Or do I need to keep the same color wires attached the card? That would mean hooking up one 6 pin, and one 8 pin and leaving the extra two pins from the 8 pin free?

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  1. Well theres no user manual online for it so I would guess that it doesnt matter if you're not running sli.
  2. No - I'm not running SLI at all.

    I won't be able to complete this tonight, though. The wires aren't long enough to reach the card after I get the unit in. Going to have to get some kind of PCI extension cables. Anyone have a link to Newegg regarding what exactly I might need?
  3. Thank you!
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