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Hi guys,

I've been searching for this for some time and i cant seem to find my answer,

I have a asus xonar dx and a pair of seinheiser pc350 I only play modern warfare 3 , so far.

what setting should i use?

-in windows control panel sound
-in asus xonar audio centre
-and in the game sound settings

Thanks in advance i've been hard pressed to find this info.

I've read 100's of posts lol i'm not a audiophile, just want to get the best positional audio.
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  1. Use the ingame settings because that is the first place the sound comes from.

    So changing these makes the game completely render the sound differently.
    Your sound cards' Control panel may be used 2nd because it basically does the same as Windows Sound just changing the way that sound comes Out of the game and to your speakers.
  2. Depends really; you you want just Stereo out, or make use of Dolby headphone?
  3. Thanks for your replies,

    well I guess I would have to try both, so I set the game to 5.1, then in the asus control panel I set it to 6 channels or 2 channels? sample rate from what I have read is 44.1 KHz because that is what the game uses, analog out is set to headphone.

    Then it's my preference to use dolby headphone or not?

    There is also a game mode on the DSP panel that automatically sets dolby headphone.

    Also in the DSP panel there is the GX button pretty sure I dont need that here.

    I've been hard pressed to find what type of sound engine MW3 uses.
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