No power when using the power on button

About 50% of the time, when I try to boot my Pc by pressing the power button, nothing happen. The only way I found to boot it is to unplug/replug the power cable. That action boot automatically my pc without any button which I find pretty weird. The problem started pretty much at the beginnig and i'm wondering if it could be a wrong install of windows 7 i did by myself. My system works perfectly once powered on though and can run any game i Throw at it.

Configuration :

phenom II 965BE (4x3.4)
4gb ram ddr3
motherboards asus (can't remember the exact model)
power supply model : TR2-600nl2nh 600W
windows 7 64bits

I've already tried to change my power supply which was pretty old but it gives me no results.
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  1. That's weird. Is the power button stuck? Try unplugging the power button leads on the mobo and using the motherboard's power button to boot. Also check that all your cables for power go to the right places.

    It's not going to be related to windows 7. The computer doesn't know anything about the operating system until you get past the bios so the OS is irrelevant when you press the power button.
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