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2 x 8800GTX SLi versus single modern card

I currently run 2 x NVidia 8800 GTX cards using an SLI link in a Windows 7 operating system.

How does this setup compare to a modern single card available today in terms of graphics performance ?

In other words would a modern mid range single graphics card (ATi or NVidia) be a step up from where I am now ?

Any advice would be appreciated as I do not know how to compere these two scenarios using the charts and I would like to cut down on the generated heat from my current system.

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    Yes, it would. Although the 8800's were awesome for a longtime and they beat quite a few cards which were put out in the last year, but they certainly weren't eco friendly.
    Going for a high end card or a mid range card today will certainly do you a lot more then continuing to run those 2..... performance wise....

    If you want some reading material on comparisons here go thru these
  2. If I were you I wouldn't settle for any thing less than a GTX 560 ti but I would also hold out till 28nm generation comes out for something better than current gen cards.
  3. If the performance is still fine for you, and you just want to cut down on the high temps, then I recommend removing and modifying the plastic hood of the heat sink to cut down on heat. You can use a dremel tool and cut out a area for a 80mm fan to be added that will blow air onto the heat sink. Also, you can rewire the main fan to disregard the cards fan control and just have it run at full speed. This worked on my pair of 8800 GTS 320 cards.
  4. i think its somewhere round a gtx 280

    and all the cards that beat a 280 are

    gtx 470 or higher
    560 ti or higher

    amd 5850 or higher
    amd 6850 or higher
  5. Well I could do a few basic test but I only got one 8800gtx to compare to a gtx 280 and a gtx 460. You can look at old threads where the 8800gtx is compared to a gtx 280. The gtx 280 is only slightly slower than a stock gtx 460 by only 3-5% if reference or very close to it.
  6. Thanks to everyone for your input - very helpful and informative.
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