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So i'm building my first PC, I have been carefully following videos and guidance from people i know, and i did a test run with a screwdriver on the power pins and everything worked fine, all the fans were running, there were no problems. Once i put it all in the case i was having trouble getting the power light on the motherboard to turn on but eventually it did, then i was having trouble hooking up the power switch to the motherboard, so i tried using the screwdriver again and even that didn't work to turn on the pc. Im not really sure what to do anymore, ive asked around but no one really knows whats going on. I dont know if its the hardware thats not working or if i didnt put it together correctly. If someone could please help me figure out whats going on that would be great.

Here are the specs:
Motherboard: Asus F1A75 M Pro
APU: AMD A8-3870K
Case: Rosewill Challenger
Power Supply: generic Rosewill 700w
RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 16GB
Hard Drive: generic Western Digital 500gb

P.S. All the parts are brand new so i have no idea why it isn't working, if anyone could help me i would be so greatful. Thank You
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  1. Hi, Make sure that the standoffs match the board's screw holes and there's no extra standoff that could short the board.
    Check also if the power connectors are properly inserted.
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    Check that you have everything powered, check the articles linked here.

    If that doesn't work another option is to take it apart and put it back together again. For some reason it seems I can stare at something and try to fix it for hours, but if I just restart the new one will workperfectly.
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