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Hi all,

I am trying to update my display drivers for my Radeon HD 5770, because several game sI play have been throwing up errors because of old drivers. Should be simple enough, right? Wrong.

here are the things I have tried and why it doesn't work:

1) Windows Update

When I run the Windows Update for my graphics drivers, I get a bluescreen. When my computer restarts, it happily proclaims the update has been successfully installed. However, my monitor is over (under?) scanned (black bars round the edges) and Catalyst Control Center no longer wants to detect my monitor (A Dell screen connected via HDMI cable) so I cannot remove the overscanning.

2) I decided that I should leave it like that, and try to just install CCC from the AMD website. I run the installer, it extracts some stuff, but then an error comes up saying something along the lines of 'Windows has detected a problem and applied compatability settings'. When I try to re-run the installer (which is the correct version for my OS/Card) It extracts the stufff again, then just disappears. No error, no nothing.

3) I did a system restore to before the Windows Update. I downloaded the Drivers+CCC package from the AMD website, and tried ht. Same thing as happened as with the CCC installation, even though I could find no compatability settings applied to any .exes that i could find.

4) I tried using Steam to find, download and install the new drivers. Same happened again. Compatability error. It is defnitely the right version, too.

5) I uninstalled my old drivers, restarted, installed the new ones, and restarted. This time it was the Overscan problem, and CCC didn't detect my monitor again.

I have also done extensive amount of googleing, and still found no fix. It would be appreciated if one of you guys could halp!
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  1. Never EVER use Windows update to update your drivers. NEVER!! I see some people recommending to do so but I tell you: everytime I used these drivers, my computers was acting strangely, like blue screens, bad resolution list, crashes and freezes, or it even wouldn't boot at all... I've never got these to work in a whole decade!!

    Do look for these drivers yourself on manufacturers website which is far more updated and will work for real.

    EDIT: Now that I think to it, most of the time I updated drivers using Windows update, I had to go back to Fail-Safe mode, unistall the problematic driver, then reboot for my computer to work correctly. This always solved the problem. Try that if it works.
  2. After trying the windows update I did a System Restore to before the Windows Update, and I have tried the drivers on AMD's website. Neither worked :(
  3. system restore almost never work... that is why I just desactivate that service completely. But do try to unistall your graphic driver in Fail-Safe mode, reboot, then install the driver from AMD, reboot and it shall be OK.

    About the system restore: it won't delete the bad drivers from your system, so after the system restore, Windows will look for the latest driver for the hardware and will find it in it's folders. It will reinstall it, you'll need to reboot and your back and the same point... Don't use that feature it is total crap. unistall the bad driver yourself in Fail-Safe mode (Hold F8 key when computer is booting, before it tries to load Windows.)

    You can also try to uninstall any ATI driver in Fail-Safe mode, by using Guru3D Driver Sweeper. Select any ATI driver you see then let it work. reboot and install the latest driver from AMD.

    Driver Sweeper:
  4. The problem is not bad drivers, more an inability to install the new ones. I haven't tried Driver Sweeper yet, maybe I'll give that a go at some point. Cheers!
  5. I would restart in safe more, run DriverSweeper, reboot in safe mode and run it again (just to make sure). The restart and install the drivers from the AMD's website or you manufacturer's.
  6. Okay, so I reestarted into Safe Mode, and uninstalled my Video Drivers with Device Manager. Then, I restarted into Safe again, and used Driver Sweeper to clean anything to do with ATI/AMD. Then I restarted again, tried to insatll the new drivers, and lo and behold, the compatability message again.

    However, this time I had the foresight to screenshot it, not that there is much info on it.

    And so, back I went to system restore with my tail between my legs (as this is the only way i can get my display drivers back) and I am once again at square one.

    I am tempted to do a clean install of windows 7, would this help at all? It was kind of a last resort at reinstalling my myriad of programs will be a pain, but I seem to have run out of options at this point.
  7. Sorry for double post, I just tried to edit this in to my above post but I can't.

    I also trawled though every .exe and .msi i could find in the ATI/Support folder, but none had any compatibility applied.

    Also, a quick description of what the ATI Driver Installer actually does:

    I download the .exe, run it, and it extracts a bunch of stuff to C:/ATI/Support (presumably the installers and stuff). A Catalyst splash screen appears, and then it asks me whether I want to install or uninstall stuff. When I click on either of those options, the window disappears and sometimes the compatability error window comes up, most of the time nothing at all happens.
  8. Did you download the correct "version" x86 or x64?
  9. On the AMD website I selected the 'Windows 7 64 Bit' version option, and the .exe file has 'windows7_64bit' in it.

    I am a confused panda.
  10. Are you running the application as administrator?
  11. Yes. Its starting to give me the impression of a bad windows install tbh. Would a reinstall help, and would I need to just epair or o a full wipe/install?
  12. LemonSoup said:
    Yes. Its starting to give me the impression of a bad windows install tbh. Would a reinstall help, and would I need to just epair or o a full wipe/install?

    At that point, I would probably consider a full reinstall ...
  13. Below is the procedure to un-install/Install Radeon drivers manually. This what i use since 2007. I have softwares that conflicts w/ automatic installer (Install Manager)from AMD

    Install/Un-install procedure for CCC @ command prompt environment:

    Un-install ATI driver

    Log in as administrator

    @ Command prompt execute the following instructions

    Go to C:\ATI\SUPPORT\9-REV_vista64_win7_dd_ccc_wdm_emu\Driver\BIN64 for 64 bit OS
    Go to C:\ATI\SUPPORT\9-REV_vista32_ win7_dd_ccc_wdm_emu\ Driver\BIN for 32 bit OS

    Type the command “atisetup.exe –uninstall”

    This will remove the current or older ATI driver on your PC. Wait for the process to complete.

    The Font will get big as the OS will revert to default VGA driver. This is expected or normal just as when installing windows for the 1st time.

    Reboot your machine after the completion of the process
    Install ATI driver
    Log in as administrator

    @ Command prompt execute the following instructions

    Go to C:\ATI\SUPPORT\9-REV_vista64_win7_dd_ccc_wdm_emu\ Driver\BIN64 for 64 bit OS
    Go to C:\ATI\SUPPORT\9-REV_vista32_ win7_dd_ccc_wdm_emu\ Driver\BIN for 32 bit OS

    Type the command “atisetup.exe –install – output screen”

    This will install thew ATI driver on your PC. You will see DOTS on the command prompt terminal. Wait for the process to complete.

    When done the ATI CCC installation log will come-up to detail the installation summary.

    Reboot your machine

    Configure your graphic settings when you log in.


    1) @ command prompt type ”ATIsetup.exe -?” it will give you the list options for the ATIsetup.exe installation program

    2) 9-Rev is whatever revision of ATI driver you are using (i.e. 9-10).

    3) Always un-install old driver before installing the new rev driver
  14. It works for latest Radeon drivers...
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