First time building a computer. Need help?

This is the parts that i am using for my computer.

I had added the motherboard, processor, power supply, hard drive and so on. I just need help with the wiring, i read the manual and it wasn't much help. It looks like it could be right but it's not. I know that i need to connect the motherboard/hardrive/graphics card with supply cables. When i press the power button no boot it doesn't turn on. Soo how do i get it to boot up?
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  1. Did you connect the case's front panel connectors to your motherboard?
  2. Yes i connected to the motherboard.
  3. ok, so you have:
    24pin + 8/4 pin from PSU to mobo
    front switch lead from case to mobo switch header (9pin)
    USB from case to mobo USB
    Fan headers from CPU to fan header on mobo
    sata cables from HDD to mobo
    sata cables from DVD to mobo
    Power cables to DVD and HDD
    Power cables to GPU
    power cable into PSU and PSU turned on

    Fans etc. also need plugging in somewhere.

    Use the above as a checklist, I think that's everything.
  4. I did everything you said it didn't work. :(
  5. try pressing the rest switch?
    are the front panel connectors plugged into the right sockets on the mobo, do your front panel connectors have labels on them?
    Have you used standoffs on the back panel when mounting the mobo?
    is the psu switched on.
    take everything out, except for memory and processor, run off internal graphics, what happens.
    Have you got a spare psu you could use?
    Sorry I have no idea of your level of ability so dumb questions have to be asked.
  6. Make sure you havn't put the front panel connectors in back to front, I did this when I decided to upgrage my Heatsink having never removed a motherboard from a computer before.
  7. ok. if the front switch isnt working there is something to try

    open the motherboard book and look at the pin-outs on the connecter (shoudlnt be the problem but it dosnt hurt to look. you can also use this on other connecters)

    i know on my motherboard i needed to twist the cable round so that the pin-outs where correct. thats the reason why its easy to see where the pins go
  8. The switch is on
    Front panels are plugged in
    I didn't use standoffs because i figured i didn't need them. I should of put that in.
    And no i don't have an extra power supply just the one i ordered.
  9. GrimFandango said:

    I didn't use standoffs because i figured i didn't need them. I should of put that in.

    Yes, you should have put them in. Not using the standoffs are probably the worst you can do because it means that the back of the motherboard with protruding pins could come in contact with your PC case metals & cause some short circuit.
    Try reinstalling your motherboard to the case with the stand off & try again.
  10. why did you figure you didn't need stand offs?
  11. I did everything you guys said. But nothing maybe i had short circuit it or something, i really hope nothings damaged.
  12. So is it fixed or not? Is there a gap between the backplate and the mobo? either from standoffs or 'dimples' on the backplate?
  13. It's properly put in this time with the standoffs.
  14. And is it working?
  15. No it's not booting up.
  16. can you send a picture from the top of the board.

    Do you mean not booting up or not powering on, does anything happen at all.
  17. Yes unfortunately it doesn't boot up nor power on. No beep or anything.

    I have the the pictures of the computer.>>>
  18. I found a way to jumpstart the computer. By using this method.>>>

    It was powered up and working making a beeping sound. Fans moving too.

    But the thing is that when i take the paper clip out of the 24 pin and connect it back to the motherboard. It doesn't do anything or start, good to know the computer is working. Gotta find away to start it up without paperclips. lol
  19. sounds like the switch is broken on the case, or not connected properly.
  20. I did connect it and i don't think the switch is broken. Hard drive won't open up, and no boot up on the computer.
  21. Well those are the two choices, beyond the third and final choice of the mobo being broken in just how it interacts with the on off switch.

    Check the pinout in your mobo manual and check which cables you've applied to which pins.
  22. 8 pin connector in ATXPWR2 (From main power supply)

    3 pin back fan cable in SYS_FAN1.

    USB cable from computer case in F_USB1.

    PANEL1: Power SW in ON/OFF, Speaker in the speaker slot, H.DD in PWR_LED, Reset in reset button.

    HD Audio connect in Audio.

    24 pin connected in 24 socket.

    Memory ram in red slots. ( this could be incorrect although i switch it back and forth). Nothing!

    SATA cable in harddrive connected to SATA2-U.

    Second SATA connected to internal harddrive in SATA1-U.

    4 pin molex connected to AUXPWR1, second molex connected to another molex (extending the wire a bit) connecting to the power supply and the front fan. (Blue LED turns on) oh the top fan is also connecting with molex cable.

    Red sata cable in SATA3.

    PCI-Express 6 pin connected to graphics card and power supply.

    Theres an extra main power supply cable that's not connected to anything. Because there is nowhere else to put it. Yeah theres 3 main power supply cables, the other ones i used was just extras that came with it.
  23. what happens if you press the reset switch?
  24. given that it works when you short the 24pin, then everything is plugged in ok, the problem must therefore lie with the switch or how its connected.
  25. Nothing happens when i press the switch button. Maybe your right about the panel stuff being broken or something. I'll try to figure it out somehow, thanks for all your help and the other people too. I appreciate it!
  26. if you short the two pins that the power switch lead plugs into on the mobo then you'll see whether the mobo works. pick the right pins though, should only be 5V or maybe 3.3V
  27. flipped the switch on the psu? lol it happens!

    also make sure you did not cross many cables for example adding extensions etc. try to plug in directly. If you run out then go back and plug in where needed. I did this with the first build I did.
  28. Hotthree: Thanks i already got that covered.

    13thmonkey: I have no idea where the 5v or 3.3v is located on the 24 pin. Is it green, blue, red ect?
  29. you don't need to know, all the switch does is close the two pins that the power switch lead plugs into, shorting those pins (small screwdriver will do) effectively closes the switch. The only problem is that the power switch is i think one that stays closed when you press it, vs the reset switch which only closes whilst it is pressed.
  30. Well i did this method here and it worked.

    The front button won't work but at least i got the power supply button in the back. So i'm good with that.

    All i have to do now really is find away to get the eject button working, since it won't open. Also i would need to boot it the computer. Get things rolling. lol
  31. thats what I was referring to. don't know about the dvd drive. Sounds like you've got some dodgy parts.
  32. Oh okay that's fine. How do i boot up the computer into BIOS? or whatever i have to go into?
  33. OK from the top. What happens now when you trick it into starting?
  34. It powers up that's pretty much the fans, video card fan, LED lights up, but that's it. I have my computer hooked up to a the back of the VGA monitor. Nothing comes up those just blank screen.
  35. did you plug in extra supply to your graphic card ?
  36. Try plugging video cable to diffrent output (you have two right?)
  37. The video card only takes 1 supply cable and the yes i still have the extra cable but there is no place for it on my computer. I'm using the PCI-Express for my video card into my power supply. The thing is that the extra cable has 4 pins and it won't fit in my video card. That's why i am using the PCI.
  38. Take your RAM out and see if system (your rig) beeps
  39. No beep at it all just silent.
  40. okay. That means that computer isn't properly wired inside or your cpu died....
  41. Alright it would really suck if the CPU died on me. Looks like i got the wires in correctly i could be wrong. The manual for this things isn't detailed much.
  42. If you ask me cpu isn't dead.

    I think problem is when you connected your PSU cables to your motherboard double check or triple check that all the nessecary cables are connected to the mobo.
  43. I just noticed when i was looking at the official site of this motherboard, that it has 2 PCI-e (Sli or Crossfire) Try putting your graphic card to the other slot
  44. I think you killed it without standoffs
  45. Yeah it comes with crossfirex not even sure how to put that in yet. But anyways what slot should i put the graphics card in? because theres 2 white ones and a red one. Right now my card is in a white one.
  46. Try the other slot of your motherboard
  47. 13thmonkey

    You mean my video card? or motherboard?
  48. probably mobo
  49. send it back as DOA, mobo, and CPU.
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