Need help... PC says i have 6gb ram (but IN my PC there are 3 6gb)

Hey, new to the forums, and seeking ram-related help.
My computer says i have 6gb's of ram, but when i opened my PC, there were THREE seperate corsair rams, EACH had a label on them saying 6gb, so in total, shouldn't i have 18 gbs of ram (6 x 3). On the 3 memory's label, it says 6gb... But in my computer settings it says i ONLY have 6gb of memory.
Why is this?
Thanks in advance and would appreciate any help!
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  1. 6GB sticks do not exist. They have to be a division of 8 like 1gb, 2gb, 4gb, 8gb, 16gb. It says 6gb because it is a 6gb kit.
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