Which is the best bang for the buck?

I want to upgrade my 9600gso 512mb to a new and much stronger card. My max resolution is 1920x1080 and my monitor is a SyncMaster P2250

Here are my specs:
SyncMaster P2250
MSI 770-g45
4gb 1600mhz
9600gso 512mb
1tb harddrive
Rosewell Blackbone mid tower
2x 80mm fans
3x 120mm fans
1x 140mm fan
x3 740 @ 3.00mhz (unlocked to x4 40 still running at stock 3.00)
Diablotek DA Series 600-Watt ATX Power Supply
DVD RW drive

I am wondering which card I should go with:

460 gtx 1gb
HD 6850
HD 6870
470 gtx
560 ti
HD 5870
HD 6950

I would like your option on what the best choice for me to get. I thinking about getting a HD 5870, but I'm not sure how much they cost since they don't make them anymore.Which means I may need to buy a used. My budget is around $210.

I mostly play call of duty 4 (yes I know it's old, but it's still a great game for me [:aford10:4] [:fixitbil:8] ), Counter Strike Source Zombie escape, and combat arms (not a great game, but still fun). Now and then I play Street Fighters 4 Super Arcade version. I am planning on getting Crysis 2 and play online and knowing it's a tough game I'll need a pretty good card like the ones I've just mentioned. I also plan on playing left for dead 1 and 2.

Yes I know it only has one 6pin, but I can easily use a adapter to add another 6pin if needed.

Side and not very important question: Which server on Call Of Duty 4 do you play as the zombie and infect the other players? It's the same as CS:S zombie infection, but cod 4 style. I like rotu 1 and 2, but it's more fun and challenging when your the zombie.
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  1. Well, 6950 are more expensive than you wanne pay, a 560 Ti is the best for that money.
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    The 5870 is now very hard to find and they cost as much as a 6950! So needless to say that its not the way to go right now. 6950 1 gb can come pretty cheap now with rebates and such. Last one I saw was 200$ in a sale. If you can get a 560 ti 1gb either evga, Asus or Gibabyte, you'll be pretty lock and loaded for a 1-2 years, check every week and you'll probably see one from 180$-200$ in a super sale. It all depends on your needs... do you plan on making a multi-monitor setup? If this is the case, take a 6950 1 gb or 2gb, eyefinity has a slight advantage over the nvidia one. If the multi -monitor is not in your plans, go with the 560 ti as it provides excellent performance at your resolution.

    On a side note, the more we'll come close to december, the lower the cards will be and the more sales will be available. Both companies will want to liquidate their stocks before they release their new cards somewhere in January : ).
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  4. I would consider the Zotac 570 amp edition. same price range as a 6950 and hands down the best card I have ever owned. 340 dollar price range and probably wont have to upgrade it for a few years. Run max settings on bfbc2 at 70 + fps. Gotta love it for 340 bucks.
  5. oh it was 309 but after taxes cough cough and i also paid 29.99 for a back up 2 year warranty from (unnammed store) and according to the sales associate "just bring it back before the 2 years and will give you exact purchased price cash towards your upgrade." minus the 29.99 of course. :)
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