Ddr2 5300 vs ddr2 8500

I have a somewhat old am2+ gaming system, amd 9950 BE cpu... I recently bought a gtx 660 but currently have 2gb pc2 ddr2 8500 and my friend is willing to give me 8gb ddr2 5300. I was just wondering what would run games better. Thanks.
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  1. I would sell the 2 gb set and just use the 8 gb of pc5300, even if it's a little slower. The 5300 ram has faster timings, so you won't notice that much difference, since you'll have 4 times as much ram. Be sure the board will recognize all the ram; many ddr2 boards have a limit of 2 gb per ram slot, so check your specs carefully before you give him anything for the ram. As long as it's non-ecc desktop ram, it should run fine; just don't mix it with your old ram.
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