Im looking for a z77 motherboard. I am looking for a board for gaming. My I am getting a i5 3570k, 7950 gigabyte graphics card, seagate 1tb hard drive, and gskill 2 times 4gb of ram (also I was wondering if the 7950 is that much better than the 7850/7870).
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  1. I would go with the ASRock Extreme4. Its a great board and a great price with plenty of features for most rigs. If you have the cash, get the 7950, it will be faster, longer than the other two (although they are great values). I always say get the single fastest gpu you can afford.
  2. your budget? if you want something practical, the Asrock Z77 Extreme4/Extreme3 are pretty popular for the price. an Asus/Gigabyte/MSI board for around the same price isn't a bad option either. there are cheaper options than those, though they're either mATX boards or may/may not have inferior build quality.

    well considering it costs more, it better perform a lot more than a 7870. if you're not restricted by budget go for it. alternatively, there's the 660ti. if you're not playing on a very high res monitor (1440p), are satisfied with low texture settings (FXAA or 2-4xAA/2-4xMSAA at worse) and have no intention to use a lot of mods, then it's a good option if it's relatively cheaper.
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    one of them is an AMD board, extreme4 if you want balance between price and quality, extreme6 if you want better build quality and features, MSI Z77A-G41 if you're satisfied with the limited features and maybe the sub-par build quality (considering the price), and Sabertooth if you're paranoid about your motherboard failing you and willing to pay for it plus you don't sound like an enthusiast OCer.

    personally, go for the extreme4; the right price, the right quality & features, and the right amount of good customer reviews.
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  5. Thank you that what i was thinking!
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