Random crashed memory management

I am getting these again... :(

I had this problems for a while, re-installed windows and it was fine for about a month and now I still get random crashes like this.

Could this be the computer overheating ? Could opening and cleaning my laptop helps ? I am running out of idea right now...

I run a m18x R1 with dual graphic card, it is 1 year old.

Please help me... I ran sfc scannow and it still says some files are corrupted !? how is this possible I just re-instaled windows.

All I do on this computer is play League of legends ( a really easy to run game any pc can )
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  1. It's likely that your RAM has gone bad. Let memtest86+ run for a few hours (or until the first error). If any errors show up, it means one or more sticks of your RAM are faulty.

  2. Ran it with no error last week should I do it again ?
  3. Try removing all but 1 stick of RAM from the machine and see if the problem persists. If not, keep swapping a different one in until you get the crash again. Then you have the defective stick.
  4. I dont follow you on this one... I got no error with all stick on but I should remove them 1 by 1 to test them all indivdually ?
  5. I mean boot into Windows and see if you get that random crash. How often does the crash occur?
  6. I run this laptop about 6-8 hours sessions, always crah once in the first hours or so and sometimes only once but sometimes up to 5.

    Crash occur really randomly, I normally run League of legends + internet thats about it...
  7. Oh and it just occured last 3 min, simply shut down, no blue screen at all, I suspect overheating but its strange, it shouldn't, its a quality laptop ?!
  8. OK, then it shouldn't be too hard to figure out which one is defective. Just swap them in one at a time and run your normal workload until it crashes (if it does).

    EDIT: You can run Hwinfo64 and see what your temps are if you're worried it's overheating.
  9. Just wanting to make sure before I open this up and test them one by one, I ran the memtest with all stick and it said no error whatsoever.

    It can still be one of the mem stick that is broken ?
  10. Yes, memtest isn't perfect.
  11. Just crashed again, blue screen with this :

    stop 0X00000024

    run chkdsk /f to check the integrity of the hard drive
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