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Hello guys this is a good gpu? MSI Ngtx 560ti Hawk Twinfrozr III 1gb I want to buy it but im very confused about it cuz i searched for Saphire HD 6950 2Gb and... so can u explain me which one will be the best for gaming.. and this is the specs intel core i7 2600k 3.4 ghz Motherboard Asus sabertooth p67 PSU Corsair gaming series 700 watt
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  1. Playing at what resolution ?
  2. i dont have any standart resulutions while playing games actually 1024.. but if i rise the resulution the graphics will be better?
  3. Absolutely. For 1920x1080 560 is fine, higher resoltion the 6950 2G is better because of the VRam. ( and more future-proof maybe )
  4. Yea 6950 has a more modern look :D but i prefer 560ti +for the cooling.. but what about fps? if you have more fps in game its better? what provides it..
  5. The better the GPu the higher FPS you'll get, if the rest of the system is fine offcourse ( and yours is ). On the other hand after 60 or 70 Fps you won't be able to see a very big difference if it gets like 90 or 100 FPS.
    The 560 Ti needs those two fans because t's getting bloody hot i think . . . They will be more noisy than the 6950 anyway.
  6. how much FPS ill have around 70-80?
  7. You will have 70-80 frames per second . . . ( fps = frames per second )
  8. HD 6950 was hotter and noisy since the reference designs was released, non-reference dressings are much cooler and less noise and gives you a better chance for a hard overclocking.
    as robjordy said, if you're going to be gaming above 1080P you should get the HD 6950, if you will stay at 1024 i suggest you to save your money and get something cheaper like HD 5750 or something less.... but you don't have any benefits of gaming this way :S
    check this out
    this article claims that the HD 6850 toxic edition is faster that HD 6970 !!!
  9. 1 gb of msi hawk is not enough to play over 1024x resolution? u mean it will be laggy? and i should get the 6950 because it has 2 gb ram? cuz i read bout them 6950 has more texel rate than ti hawk?
  10. Ragezone said:
    1 gb of msi hawk is not enough to play over 1024x resolution? u mean it will be laggy? and i should get the 6950 because it has 2 gb ram? cuz i read bout them 6950 has more texel rate than ti hawk?

    who said that that 560ti 1Gb won't be enough ??? i meant if you're going to play only at this resolution you can get a less-powerful card like hd 5750
    i said you should get the hd 6950 because it's more proof than the GTX 560ti the 2gb will be a proof for hungry VRAM games like Crysis 2 and the upcoming games, and the toxic one is said to be more powerful than the HD 6970
  11. im not goin to play only at 1024x ill test of course :D But u r right 2 gb will be a proof for hungty vram games.. for long time i was playin all the games at 1024 cuz my old pc has the 8500gt gpu and 2 gb ram so lame :D this is why im askin all the time cuz i dont really know anything for new gpus.. all i want is to play the new games without lag clearly with nice fps around 70-80 and the solution will be the 6950? :D
  12. yes exactly, and try to get 1080P monitor if you don't arleady have one, this gonna change your game visuals to reality :)
  13. what do u mean with 1080p monitor i have Viewsonic VA2213w 22` in, 1920x1080, 5 ms, 1000:1 / 16000:1 dynamic, VGA
  14. A shame it has no DVI or HDMI though.
  15. axaxaxaxax :D its old a lil yea i think the same too :D but it will change anything in game?
  16. I believe the quality from hdmi / dvi is a lot better than VGA but don't know enough about that. I'll try tonight when i'm back from work, interesting question.
  17. And what do u think for this specs.. i mean for cpu and mobo and the rams will this gpu is fit? i mean the hd6950
  18. everything is fine and superb for the CPU and PSU, VGA won't affect the visual quality as long as you're under 2560x
    DVI is the same the HDMI but without sound via one cable :)
    you're good to go just pic it up and have fun :D
  19. this is nice :D and i will need any gpu cooler for 6950?
  20. no just tell me what brand will you pic ? i suggest you get the Toxic Edition from Sapphire, as i told you it's said to be faster than HD 6970 with a little pure overclock
  21. The Sapphire hd6950 toxic edition has 2gb vram? or its 1gb? :D look at this
  22. Toxic has also 2GB
  23. Nicee then ill buy this one.. my first job is to cancel the 560 ti hawks order :D but some people said i dont need 2gb vram to play games from 1024x to 1900x resolutions 1 gb will do the job.. and they said 2gb mostly needed over 1900x resolution.. but i dont mind u have right i read many things too on web :)
  24. True, but there are allready some games who like more than 1G, and there defeniltely will be more in the future. ( all new 7000 series from AMD seem to have 2GB according to the rumours )
  25. does the vram affects ingame fps? 2gb will handle the maxed out graphics more easily yea.. ?
  26. That's a good one, not sure, but in the games that like more than 1G it obviously will. In the others maybe not so. But like i said, i strongly believe there will be more games where you'll need more than 1G to play at max. even on 1080. Game designers will see all the 2G cards and will make use of that imo.
  27. you and ilysaml you are right.. i think the same too :)
  28. Do u prefer any mobo better than asus sabertooth p67? :D
  29. Yeah, the one coming after that, the p68. DunnoBoutMobo. :pt1cable:
  30. if you see the price of the toxic is a little high, just get the 560 ti and stop asking so many questions :D
  31. im askin so many questions cuz i dont wanna have low fps while playin i dont wanna kill my self in lag :D dont mind for the price its ok :)
  32. no you won't have a lag of performance i've got the HD 6950 and it's pretty awesome
  33. then ty again :)
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