What is a ok gaming computer for under $200

what is a ok computer that has a core 2 duo or better and 4 ram slots for under $200
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  1. list the full specification
  2. any aslong as it has those 2
  3. Oh, ok. You want a new build . I thought yuo found a 2nd hand somewhere and want to check is the computer is good.

    I am afraid $200 is not going to be enough for a new build unless you have everything except the mobo and the (cpu or gpu).
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  5. You can't get a gaming computer for under $200. Just not possible , a good video card is going to cost that.
  6. ^Nah. You can run old games on low res with a $75 card. You'll still need at least $350 or so for a fresh build, though.
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