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OK not sure if i should post here or in a unexplained phenomena forum but here goes.
My friend was playing on his pc and his power flickered off then back on and his pc went dead and would not turn back on. It seems when the power went it fried his psu as testing it with an odometer shows there is nothing running through it as if the odometer wasn't working.
He then tried a different psu and that one is fried too and after trying several different psu's that weren't even connected to anything and all of them being fried he is on the verge of calling derek acorah.
anyone have any ideas or even a rational explanation for this? any help is greatly appreciated.

P.S. 2 psu's were connected and plugged into the mains and 3 weren't connected to anything.
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  1. an odometer is for measuring distance sometimes called a mileometer

    so i would love to know what he tested with that

    heres the psu paperclip test--maybe that will help
  2. ok yes I said he got the name wrong it's a multimeter he used on them and he has tried the paperclip test on all of them too and still nothing.
  3. has he checked to see if 1) the socket is still live 2) the power cable is still ok (fuse isn't blown or anything)
  4. yeah, he's checked that socket with other things plugged into them and it works fine and he's tried multiple power cables including one from his t'v which is working fine
  5. anyone have any explanation at all? Still no idea what happend.
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