$1000 Budget Computer enthusiast build oppinions help

This is my first time building a enthusist computer. I $1000 max to spend including rebates and would appreciate help from anyone with helpful input. Please no bad comments, only helpful advise. I also am
preparing to build this computer for future use and i can stay ahead of the products by trying to purchase a motherboard with 2 16x pciE slot so later all I have to do is upgrade my PSU. Yes, PSU is the best i could find for the price but I hope maybe Some one can link me to a better deal to support 470sli later on.


*Will these parts work well together.
*Are these parts the best prices for the most performance.(you may link me if you find useful)
*Do you know of more parts that are better for future.
*Do you know of a better deal of a power supply so i dont have to buy another one later when i upgrade.
*Will my PSU support All my Power consumptions for this build.
*Most importantly can you link my to better parts (weould prefer to stick with newegg, amazon, tigerdirect etc but not nessasary if you have a legitimate seller.
and lastly will these part work well togather and are they the best for the price?

Edited Memory

Edited Motherboard

Graphics Card

Solid State Drive


Edited Case

Edited PSU

Any and all advise and unput would be helpful. thank you

P.S. I forgot to ask one last thing thats most important. Since black friday and xmas is coming up, which is better to buy black friday or day after xmas, and does anyone know what sales the online store will have (amazon, newegg and tigerdirect.) Also if you can point me to the best deals and coupons and how to get the cheapest sales that would be amazing, thank you.
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  1. yo its phx

    change ur ram to this, same specs 8 gigs and its cheaper.
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    u'll need cooler something like Corsair A70
  3. If he doesn't plan to overclock or just minimal OC then stock would be fine.
  4. sure thing
    also depends what case op is using
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