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I have the asrock extreme4 and phantom 410. First of all, it's very difficult to get all of the screw holes aligned if it is even possible. When I started putting the screws in, they just turned and turned. They were right above the hole but the screw was too short. This was with the ports pulling on the bottom of the i/o shield. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Do I need to get different screws or maybe go without the i/o shield (I'd prefer not to do that).

This is my first build and I was hoping little would go wrong. So obviously, the first thing I did didn't fit.
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  1. Ok, after looking at the instructions more, it appears that I need to put in standoffs lol. I know nothing about tools or screws or anything. I looked at that earlier and assumed it was for something else.
  2. Hi, Have you installed the standoffs ?
    Edit: I see you've found the issue.
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