Memory not working at a certain speed.

I have a Corsair xms3 4x4gb (16gb) kit that says it can run on a 1866mhz speed, but its only running on a 1333mhz speed. I attempted to overclock it to it's initial speed, which is 1866mhz, but every time i save it in the bios and restart my computer, i get a black screen and it just hangs there. I am not sure if i did not overclock it right or it can't handle that kind of speed.

Here are my specs:
MSI 970A-G46 AM3+
AMD fx-8350 @4.0ghz -- liquid cooling (Corsair H100)
Corsair XMS3 4x4gb kit @1866mhz (but only running on 1333mhz)
Raidmax 850w 80 plus Gold Power Supply
Seagate 1tb Harddrive
SLI Nvidia GTX 550ti

if there's anything that needs more detail, just leave a comment; because i'm not really sure if the memory has a specific model name/number. I'll have to download CPU-z or look in my bios to find out. Thanks.
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  1. Hi mate , look at your CPU-Z and see what " DRAM Frequency " you get under the " Memory " section. Times that number by 4 I THINK and then tell me what you get. Should come up with around 1333 if it's correct. The way I sorted my one out was that I went into my bios , and manually over rid the speed of my RAM. It was running at about 1333Mhz too and had to put it back up to 2133Mhz myself. Also increased the voltage by a tiny bit.

    Hope I helped
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