Cross cat6 cable to form 10G network?

could we connect 2 servers with 10GbaseT cards with cross cat6 cable to form 10g network?
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  1. Depends on the length of the run. How far apart are they?
  2. within the same rack. it could be as short as between 2 to 3U distance if required.
  3. Then yes, I'd say you can do it. The only thing concerned about is making the cable too short, actually. Too short a cable would lead to signal reflection and all kinds of fun little problems that go along with it. Officially, there is no minimum length for CAT6, but I'd keep it above 3 ft if possible just in case. CAT5/e had a minimum length of 1m.

    And yes, CAT6 is approved for 10GbaseT applications up to 55m. It is approved for 1000baseT applications up to 100m.

    I hope this helps! :D
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