I need to replace a failed P5KPL-C motherboard; I use a floppy drive a lot.

The P5KPL-C has failed so needs to be replaced, seemingly no longer available. Since I use a floppy drive a lot, lots of data and short programs on floppies, I need to find a motherboard the has provision for a floppy drive as well as DVD and multiple HDD, 6 USB ports (all my periferals are USB connected), 6 SATA ports for HDD, (I run 4 HDDs).

The computer is NOT USED FOR GAMES so does not need top speed.
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    You can get floppy drives that connect via USB cable, no need to get a motherboard with a floppy socket. I've had one for about five years now, but I only use it about once a year.
  2. It will be quite hard to get modern motherboard with floppy support.

    If you are changing the whole system, my best bet is to get the portable floppy drive

    If you just want to replace the motherboard and keep the other parts, u should choose from one of these boards
  3. Thanks guys, the comments were very useful. Got an Asus P8B75-MLX board, apart from limited SATA sockets, it seems OK, and as first sold 2012 should last a few years. Will follow up on the portable floppy drive.

    Once again, thanks for your replies.

  4. But I did have to buy SATA DVDs, an extra $34.00. Such is the cost of technological progress.
  5. Thanks guys, will follow your advice about USB connected floppy drive with new motherboard.
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