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HTPC Bottle necks with external drive


I wanted to see what bottle necks I should look out for when streaming media from my file server to my HTPC.

Identified components:

Hard drive (read) - 5k RPM
USB (external HD) - USB2
Router (using wired) - 10/100

What would be my bottleneck and thus, what should be upgraded for 1080 streaming?

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  1. usb 2.0 interface is the slowest. install the drive in a networked pc instead of using it as an external.....
  2. OR, copy the file you want into an internal drive before streaming, but that is recurring hassle.
  3. What about if I upgraded to USB3? Would that still be the bottle neck or would it be the drive (or router bandwith)?
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    If the drive is USB 3.0 AND the server has a USB 3.0 port you should have no problems streaming 1080p.

    It is unlikely you will find a 5400rom hd with a usb 3.0 interface though, wouldn't really make sense.

    LAN is probably fine so long as their is no contention for the bandwidth, if you plan on having multiple users or uses of the LAN you want a 1gbps unit instead.
  5. Great thanks for the help.

    As far as numbers this is what my research came up with:

    100base-x (wrt54gl router) 12.5 mb/s
    USB2 60 mb/s
    usb3 625 mb/s

    I'm having trouble finding what the drives rates would be and what I should be looking for as far as speed.

    Is it assumed that if the interface is USB3 the drive will atleast perform that fast?
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