Should i get the corsair 800d?

hi guys simple question sould i get the corsair 800d? :bounce:

any replies will be greatley appriciated :bounce:
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  1. You can get just as good a case for alot less money.
  2. really that case is aimed at watercooling

    the corsair 650d might be a better choice for air cooling
  3. dont care of the price and probably buying it in the morning as i also want a full tower case. and i absoloutley love the case. Sorry for wasting your time and effort :) thanks for the help.
  4. MMMM ya buy it
  5. comming on Monday SOO excited
  6. grats ! enjoy it .
  7. GOT IT AND ITS HUGE!!! no but seriously it barely fits on my desk (actually over shoots it a little) airflow seems very good (ran prime 95 and even better than my old case) i get 50c on prime (i think thats not too bad?) and also thinking of getting fan speed controller because its quite loud.
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