1333Mhz upgrade to 1600 or higher

For a gaming rig, will you see any improvement in gaming if you upgrade from 1333mhz ram to a quality 1600mhz or higher? Also, was considering moving from 8 gigs to 16 gigs.

P8P67-M PRO with an I5-2500K (Would like to OC a little)
AMD 7970
1000watt PSU.

Playing games like Guildwars 2 and Planetside 2 (lots of 2's!). Looking for the best play possible. Think the cpu is good enough and I know the GPU is high end.

So worth upgrading the ram?
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    Not really. 16GB will not matter, as the games don't require a large amount of RAMs. 8GB is more than enough. As for the speed, very little if no improvement in games.
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