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6950 dirt 3 edition flashing to 6970

Hello everyone, I got this new 6950 dirt 3 edition 2 weeks ago, I am looking forward to flash it with 6970 bios. Now referring to several reviews many have complained that this card is not likely to get unlocked while some reviews state that it is unlockable. I'm quite nervous as I have never done this before, so I just wanna know what are the chances of it getting unlocked and also, is there a risk of the card getting damaged, I dont want to to kill this brand new card, though it does have a dual bios switch (I cant find it btw, they say its well hidden). Please help me out here, thanks in advance. :)
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  1. I already know about the 6970 mod on techpowerup, my question is entirely different, all I am asking is:
    1. Is dirt 3 edition unlockable, what are the chances?
    2. Is it risky to do so, is there a chance the card might get damaged permanently?
  2. 1) I assume you mean the Sapphire 2GB version, in which case it may be unlockable but there is no guarantee.

    2) Doing anything like this is risky so nobody is gonna tell you what you want to hear, however with the dual bios the risks are pretty low that you will end up with an expensive brick, so long as you don't do anything really stupid.
  3. Alright, thanks for your input. Could you just throw more light on the "really stupid" part. I mean as I said already I'm a total newb when it comes to such stuff so I just wanna be careful.
  4. The tpu link should show you what you need to do but the important parts are -

    Make sure the BIOS switch on the card is set to the 1 position (pictured further down if you don't know where it is).
    Run ATI Winflash, click Save to save your BIOS, so you have a backup in case something goes wrong.
    Load the HD 6970 BIOS into Winflash by clicking Load Image, followed by Program.
    Let the flashing process complete and reboot your system.

    If the card doesn't boot you just have to switch the bios back to the other setting and it will be fine. After that you would just reflash with the bios you saved (to the unworking switch position - not the one you booted with!) That's all it takes basically, you won't go wrong because you should only ever write over ONE of the bios's meaning you can always just switch to the other to recover it if it doesn't work.
  5. 1. You are going to have to look around at previous threads of people unlocking this
    particular card, in specific the tech power up thread or any other 6950->6970 mod

    2. If you read the Techpower up article, you should already know that its risky to do
    and damage can be done
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    It Didnt work with my card, The same model. Base on the research I made on google, around 70% of them are Laser-cut(you cant unlock shaders).
  7. Laser cut..thats what I was afraid of, apparently this model is not that good at overclocking either, I'm just worried, flashing it might cause some permanent damage.
    Anyway thanks for the info.
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