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My asrock Z77 Pro3 motherboard is making my cpu fan run at 100 percent all the time. I can confirm the temps are very low. CPU speeds even while virus scanning barely hits 40c.
CPU is an i5 3470 and the cooler is a Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo Cpu Cooler. My Case is an Antec 300 with the fan at the top blowing air directly onto the cpu so the cpu gets pretty damn good cooling.

I can play with the fan settings in bios but what would be the best settings?

CPU Fan 1 & CPU Fan 2
Fan Target Speed ( 1 to 9 )
Fan Target Temp 45 to 65 )

Many thanks if you can help me out here, This is my first custom build.
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  1. Hi, Is the fan connected to the CPU Fan1 4-pin connector?
  2. It was built by a computer shop so I'm assuming all is well. I could void the warranty if I open the case.
    The cpus like I said are running cool.
    I just need to know the correct settings I should run the fan at.
  3. I can't download the manual, but this might help: http://hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=1700123
  4. Thanks buddy, much appreciated.
  5. Type into your search bar, Asrock Extreme Tuner (I'm assuming you have it, I have it and its quite useful. If you don't, download it or find it on your driver disk)

    Then go into the Fan Control Tab, and put the CPU FAN1 and CPUFAN2 Fan Target speed to 1, 2 or 3. It'll quieten down that bad boy. I have it set on two, makes no noise and barely any cooling disadvantage.

    Also that bios thing is the same as Asrock Extreme Tuner. You can put that CPUFAN1 setting and CPUFAN2 setting to 1, 2 , or 3 and apply and itll do the same thing.
  6. You could void the warranty opening the case? Brother, open the case. Dell & big manufacturers let you do it, you can too. Either way, it's better you be able to tear down your own computer YOURSELF then let people half ass it for you. Trust me, never let anyone (unless they're good experienced friends) build your machine. As for your machine, just play around with fan settings! Figure out what each one individually does - just don't put the fan on low & then try to game, HORRIBLE idea.
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