Dell XPS 720 BTX to ATX Case Mod

I have loved this case from the first time I seen it. It looks like a part of the enterprise, or atleast that's what comes to my mind when I look at it. A buddy of mine bought this thing along time ago new from dell. I had always told him when that thing dies I want the case. Well it died a few years ago and dell wanted a small fortune for a new motherboard so I finally talked him out of it. He took great care of it too he never even took off the protective plastic that was on it when it was shipped from the factory. It sat collecting dust in my closet for almost 2yrs now so I fnally decided to pull it out and get to modding. I know I'm not the first to do this and its really not much work for one awesome case. I spent most of the day saturday getting a Lian-Li motherboard tray fitted in just right.

Now that the MB Tray is mounted time to work on wiring...
Parts List for this build:
I7 2600K/Thermalright Acrhon
Asus P8Z68
8GB Kingston HyperX
80Gb Intel SSD/SuperTalent 64GB SSD/WD 300 Raptor/WD 1TB
2x DVD-R/W
PC Power&Cooling 750w PSU

More Pics coming soon
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  1. Well the components are mounted and the computer is up and running. The only thing left to do now is tidy up the wiring and add a another fan or two for better airflow.I might have to trim some more of the motherboard tray to open up some of the ventalation on the back I don't think the single 80mm fan is going to cut it for exhaust. I'll have to run it a bit and see what temps are like first.

  2. Its a clever mod . You've done well .
    Add the biggest fan you can to pull in in from the front

    Silverstone make an m-ATX case with roughly that layout you might be interested in .
    TJ 08e
  3. The interior layout is ok and tons of room, but I prefer a bottom mounted power supply. That wasn't really an option with this build. It's the exterior looks that I love about this case. I'm going to add a Noctua 140mm fan to the front for intake. I had a panflo 120mm in there but it was too loud for my liking. This thing is nearly silent when idle or just surfing the web. Once I start gaming though you can't do much about the GPU fan that thing screams. I have thought about upgrading the graphics card but I think i'm going to hold out for one more generation the 295 still handles most games I play without issue.

  4. Just curious which part/model number you used for the Lian Li tray? Also, did it come with the rear plate/cover or did you end up fitting a different cover in place?

    I've got the exact same case and I'm toying with resurrecting it since yours turned out great without some insane amount of work.
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