EVGA GTX465 1GB or the EAH5770 CU Core 1GB

Hi guys.

My brother wants to get a new card for his rig. I'm just wondering between these two cards which is better?

I realize the 5770 is alot cheaper then the 465 GTX, is there a big difference between the two performance wise?

The rig is for a gaming computer.

Thanks guys.
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  1. DON'T, really, DON'T buy the 465, in a lot of cases it's crap and you'll probably end up with your brother hating you ! What's your budget ?
  2. O, and where are you buying from and whats your system specs ?
  3. Ok, I lied. Its not my brother that's buying its me.

    I bought the GTX 465 almost a year ago and it has caused me so much problems that I've just had enough of it....

    Freezing, black screens, little colors...

    I saw the EAH 5770 CU Core in the store today for only $130 (my gtx 465 card cost me 300 last year.. so I will not be shelling that much money).

    Lets just say that the 465 GTX was working properly.... would it be better then the 5770? Is this 5770 card good?

    I had to change my ram, PSU just for the sake of my 465 GTX..... and today its still doing the random restarts... black screens after welcome screen.... freezing with little boxes.... I just can't take it anymore.... it is costing to much stress.
  4. Tsssssssss, liar, liar, pants on fire ! :lol: I know just exactly how you feel ; why in heavens name did i buy this card ? I had mainly booting problems with it, it wouldn't sometimes boot for 2 or 3 times giving black screens and all. Also a lot of in game crashes. Happily i paid just round 150 euro's for it ( 180 dollar ? ) Should have been a clue actually, prices dropped from 300 to 140 . . . But still, when it worked it was great, colores were fine with mine.
    Anyway, just to be sure ; you did download the latest drivers i assume ? And maybe try to get the colors better with the NVidea settings, something like "digital vibrance" does a lot.
    Would still like to know your mobo, psu, ram, budget and so on.
  5. Maybe this one ; if your budget is around 130. ( it's 20 more actually ) or this, but the 460 is much better for gaming. ( worth the extra 30 or so )
  6. Asus P5k
    Windows XP
    700W Cooler Master
    4 GB ram (2x2)

    Rob I think I'm gonna be pretty much set on this 5770..... Emotions are taking over me and I already took out that crappy 465 and put it aside.

    Can you explain to me how good is this EAH5770 1gb cu core? Will I be able to run games as smooth as the 465 gtx?

    Don't get me wrong when the 465 GTX actually worked... the games looked awesomes.

    I think I'm going to go with radeon this time... Nvidia has really gutted me.
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    For gaming the 460 WILL be a lot better, like you say, when the 465 worked it was great, i have had a 560ti and now a 6870 and they are not doing much better, in some games the 465 was even better i think, altough this should technically not be possible. So going for the much lesser 5770 will dissapoint you i think. The 460 is a very stable card wich is specially designed for gaming. It should be even better than the 465 and will last you longer, giving joy and satisfaction, aaahhhhh :love:
    Or if you really want ATI ; or
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