Prime95 not starting

I know this is a very noobish question but when I try to start prime95 it will not start. I just downloaded it and unzipped everything successfully but when I try to start the program it automatically stops and windows flags that it has encountered a problem and must close.

Is there something that I am missing? There are no other programs running when I try to start the program.
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  1. it maybe that you have a x64 version trying to run it on an x86 system
    are you overclocked ?
    will any other benchmarks run ?
  2. Hi grahamie,

    Not oveclocked yet and I am running the 32 version as I am running Windows XP. I downloaded Heaven and Intel burn test as well and I got the same message. I know it is something that I am doing but I just can't figure our what (lol). I just built this system last week (2500k - P67 board) and my temps in Hardware monitor are around 28 degrees to 32 degrees but I still want to run Prime for safety's sake.

    Thanks for your repsonse grahamie
  3. well if benchmarks wont run something is up for sure
    are you running an old os from your last system or a fresh install ?
    are all your drivers up to date ?
    check your bios as well make sure your on the newest one.
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