E6600 @ 3ghz noob questions

Hi everyone,

I just bought a second hand p5q-e as I had a C2D e6600 which I always wanted to overclock. I read the guides in this forum and understood them and managed to overclock safely to 3ghz with a stock intel 775 cooler extreme edition (which I bought off ebay). My fsb is 333 and my ram:cpu ratio 1:1. I tried different voltages; >1.26 onwards seems stable. I let it do a torture test with prime95 last night with 1.26v but it gave an error after 2 hours. Now I set it to 1.3v (in CPU-Z shows 1.272v) and it has been running fine without errors for 6hours. My temperatures are 31-35 on idle and 50-56 on load. I use speedfan to check the temperatures. In speedfan it has been showing CPU: 50-56c (core 0: 40-46c and core 1:40-44c) under 100% load.

1st question: are speedfan temperatures accuate? I forgot to install realtemp as I did a clean windows install after the mobo change.
2nd question: any suggestions to make the system more stable @ 3ghz with lower than 1.3v? Or my temperatures @3ghz with stock extreme intel cooler are good enough?

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  1. The temp is correct and ok if the ambient temp is not high. 1.26v is not enough if you want 3Ghz.
  2. Speedfan can give wrong readings with certain MOBO...download core temp to confirm true temp......Looks like you got it stable at 1.3v...temps appear to be in-line
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  4. If i was you i would download HWmonitor
  5. about the speed fans sometimes its not accuate but it wont be dangerous even if it doesnt show the real temp its always a slite diffrence
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