Is Deep Cool Ice Edge 200T a good cpu cooler?


I plan to buy a cpu cooler for my Athlon 440 which is unlocked to quad core. I'm eyeing Deep Cool Ice Edge 200T because of its cheap price. Is it good for overclocking?. I plan to have a decent overclock, not really to push my cpu to its limits but just to have a good performance increase in games and applications. Here is the link:
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  1. Hi jfem,
    The cooler will do the job as you required.
  2. this enough good cooler , you can see review in here many comparison with Ice Deep cool :
  3. I have a Deep Cool Ice Edge 400i and it lowered my Q8400 @ 3.2ghz OC temp by 10 degress. Though it's a different model but I say it's a good cpu cooler.
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